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Activating the Moderate Majority



John Szemler is a Process Improvement Consultant who implements Dynamics 365, a Microsoft Enterprise Planning and Management software product. He has a BA in Political Science from Loyola University of Chicago, and an MBA from the University of San Diego.

The GOP chooses to impersonate an incurious and hysterical president, and in the process squanders the integrity of every Republican. Its time to make room for ALL Americans who believe that prudent, coherent, and transparent government is good governance.


Help me refine and disseminate this message. Contact my committee. Colorado's 6th district can lead the way.




Not even one month after his inauguration, on February 17th Trump for the first time used the term 'enemy of the people' to deride press coverage he felt was personally disparaging. His hyper-sensitive and juvenile self-image notwithstanding, why he would choose to use a term that was used extensively in the Soviet Union, and most notably by Stalin, is bewildering and appalling.


Fascism and Communism are kissing cousins. The underpinning of both is autocracy. Trump may consider Putin to be his friend, but Putin looks upon the rest of us as his enemy. Trump's strange support of the Russian Autocrat bears the earmark of a man who willingly participates in his own extortion.

12,586 Kurdish fighters died in Syria fighting with or for the US. He waited until ISIS was defeated, and then without notice abandoned our ally. By ceding Syria to Putin, Trump assures the survival of Hezbollah, and with it the continuation of the theocratic regime in Tehran. An inept move so staggering that it begs the question of whether or not it originates in ignorance and incompetence.


Lest we forget, Trump will add another $1,700,000,000,000 (trillion) to the deficit (WSJ) over the next decade. He did not give this tax cut to us - he gave it to himself and others like him. Who will pay the $1,411,000,000,000, equal to 83% of the total benefit (Forbes), that Trump gives to the top 1% of Americans? We will, by paying for it in the form of fewer services, insolvent Social Security, higher interest rates, a slower growing economy and lost jobs. This is what makes Trump's tax cut his most outrageous lie.

Apply a progressive 'Sigmoid function curve' to the tax structure significantly simplifying and reducing taxes for all middle class tax brackets. Manage all deductions via refund. This approach can also demonstrably be shown to generate surpluses without increasing taxes.


OR, retain all of Trump's current rates, but add 4 more brackets:
43% $1,000,001  - $5,000,000
53% $5,000,001  - $10,000,000
63% $10,000,001 - $50,000,000
73% $50,000,001 or more

AND tax capital gains as ordinary income for any amount over $1,000,000.

Deficit Problem Solved!


Trump is like a pilot who points the nose of his plane too high. He keeps adding power by lowering interest rates, but soon he will run out of lift. Do not be fooled, he has positioned the economy for another Bush flat spin crises - another Nixon like episode of hyper-inflation and contraction. There is a solution. Transfer the tax cuts he gave to himself and the 3%, to the rest of America - recession prevented!


Enough! What's being done is not working. What has been done did not work. Expand and implement an optional, affordable Medicare program available to all, simultaneously ending the absurd Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. Government subsidized health care is already a fact. It's time to make it universal. It will save employers money, and bring out in to the open costs which are already being borne by taxpayers. Private insurance can continue if it can survive.


Protect our Police and support law enforcement with universal retro-active licensing and background checks. 529 Police Officers have been killed by gunfire in since 2010. Any Congressman or Senator who will not acknowledge the practicality of universal background checks is a coward, and bears culpability for this atrocity.

Shameful inaction for money on common sense gun control has allowed 726 CHILDREN to be killed or wounded since Columbine. As insane and incomprehensible as it may seem - this list will become the legacy of our Republican led Senate - states with one OR MORE school shootings:




  • Control the entire border with a robust and fully staffed US Customs and Border Patrol. Roll ICE in to CBP

  • Permit asylum, but process requests at port of entry

  • Expand H-2A and H-2B. Process H-2A requests at the border.

  • Family separation is an inexcusable and immoral nightmare. Its implementation and continuation is an American disgrace.

  • End Executive Order 13769/80: the insane Muslim ban.

  • The great majority of undocumented immigrants are here to stay. This is a fact that rhetoric will never change. Provide these hard working Americans a path to citizenship.

Over 5400 children have been separated from their parents since Trump took office. What kind of man would do that?


Oil is the Devil's drink. Clean coal is a lie. Whether it's in the form of ridiculous tax breaks, subsidies to corporations that are larger than countries, catastrophic clean ups, endemic health effects, budget busting military expenditures, or destabilized emerging economies and corrupted governments, non-renewable fuels cost us much more than what we pay for them - costs most often shouldered by the American tax payer, with savings as profits deep pocketed by fossil fuel equity owners who are often not even citizens of the United States.

The American economy is already signaling that it knows better by demonstrating that newer and more efficient energy options can lower costs for consumers. Congress though continues to prop up an old technology that drains this nation of its technological vitality, and in the process subverts a free market economy that is designed to efficiently choose winners and losers by directing capital to systems that cost less and produce more. As a consequence, America is already falling behind the curve in new and more powerful technologies that it would otherwise lead the world in creating.

Climate change is real, but the immediacy of the matter is that clean energy jobs ALREADY surpass fossil fuel employment numbers. With an intensive systemic effort that creates another 5.5 million good jobs in the US, America quickly becomes the world’s clean energy systems export leader. It's a Win Win and results in true energy independence.


FACEBOOK: Zukerberg and Sandberg's platform is a SEWER. Their media networks continue to damage Democracy - WORLD WIDE. A good start would be to prohibit them from using bots. When proposed, watch them squirm. Don't let Facebook et al. prevaricate - they could remove them in a week.

FOX: Enmity, revenge, and unctuous flattery is not journalism. Rupert Murdoch does NOT CARE about America or Americans.

Media and social networks have turned research in to surveillance. Legislate an individual's right to control internet privacy, including permission and prohibition of all personal and non-PII data. Require full and timely access to current and historical if requested.


Consolidation and aggrandizement is at the root of the problem. Limit the scope of ownership for all of these entities.

"Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence; does more than represent the limits of knowledge; it limits knowledge. Whether it is obscuring state language or the faux-language of mindless media; ...whether it is the malign language of law-without-ethics, or language designed for the estrangement of minorities, hiding its racist plunder in its literary cheek – it must be rejected, altered and exposed. It is the language that drinks blood, laps vulnerabilities, tucks its fascist boots under crinolines of respectability and patriotism as it moves relentlessly toward the bottom line and the bottomed-out mind. Sexist language, racist language, theistic language – all are typical of the policing languages of mastery, and cannot, do not permit new knowledge or encourage the mutual exchange of ideas."

Toni Morrison's Nobel lecture, as the first African-American writer to receive the prize, in 1993. She died on August 5th.


Congress spends more time raising money than working for us. Their votes are purchased by lobbyists. It has to stop!

  • Contributions need to be limited to individuals

  • Supreme Court rulings treating corporations - which often have significant foreign government or foreign national equity ownership, including from China and Russia - as 'persons' in regards to political contributions must be reversed

  • Congressman who accept donations from these companies have compromised their integrity, morality, authenticity, and principles, in exchange for personal gain

  • Buckley v. Valeo. Money is NOT free speech

  • The Citizens United ruling has corrupted politics and America. It must be reversed.

  • All hard and soft money contributions must be publicly disclosed all the way to the root contribution, i.e. the individual

  • What does this imply? PAC's can no longer receive contributions from corporations. All contributions must be made direct from individuals.

  • Clean money public finance laws need to be extended to the federal level. The acceptance of public financing by ANY one eligible candidate subsequently defines the expenditure maximum for all opposing candidates.

  • Contributions to candidates must be limited to individuals who primarily reside or are registered in that district

  • Public service isn't a personal enrichment program. Every member must fully divest. Cash and Treasuries only. No Trusts.

  • END THE CONGRESSIONAL PENSION PROGRAM. Congress can contribute to a 401k like everyone else.

  • Extend tax disclosure to the Presidency. Extend asset divestiture to the Presidency AND all cabinet members.

  • Last but not least, incumbency has been usurped - by incumbents. It's time for an amendment imposing term limits.


End corporate farm tax shelters. Tax breaks and/or supports go only to family farms. Spare and Share. FULLY Compensate farming for sustainable production, and retired acreage percentages. Reduce the cost, and improve the actuarial soundness of the Federal multiperil crop insurance coverage program. Apply the system to all insured producers in a fair and consistent manner. Why do we still use Neonicotinoids? Ban them now. Sustainable farming is compensable.


Abortion is a tragedy. It represents a failure of both services and support programs and underscores an absence of education regarding options and alternatives. The most effective way to reduce unwanted and terminated pregnancies is to support women, especially single Moms, by implementing the following:

  • Allow women to deliver anywhere, at home, a birth center, or hospital

  • Provide full spectrum care while de-emphasizing often unnecessary interventions like continuous fetal monitoring and Pitocin — a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin, which causes contractions and is commonly used in the U.S. to induce, strengthen or accelerate labor.

  • Provide universal and generous pre and postnatal care programs, midwifery-run maternity units, and integrated options for home deliveries. Obstetricians can handle complications, but overall, licensed midwives would run the show, which can historically be shown to generate excellent outcomes.

  • Institute 4-4-4 paid leave. Both parents have the independent and non-transferable right to receive payments during maternity/paternity leave for four months. This means that neither parent can have his/her rights transferred to the other. In addition, parents are entitled to a joint right of four additional months; this may be taken by one parent or divided between them. In circumstances where a parent is either unwilling, unable, or ineligible to participate in child rearing activities, the full 12 months accrues to the primary care giver.

  • Students and other parents outside the labor market or working less than 0.25 FTE (full-time equivalent) are both, provided certain conditions are met, entitled to receive a childbirth allowance.

  • Maternity/paternity leave and allowance entitlements are cancelled when the child is 18 months old.

  • It is expected that those who accept payments from the Maternity/Paternity Leave Fund will not be engaged in work for the duration of the payments.

  • Payments amount to 80% of the average of the parent's total wages during a specific period before the birth of the child. The payments can, however, never go below or above pre-determined limits.

  • Supplemental parental leave is unpaid leave from work, which either parent may take for up to 13 weeks in order to care for the child. It may be taken in one session, or divided up in to shorter periods. This entitlement is attached to each child up to 8 years of age. Parents cannot transfer the right to parental leave to each other. The employer must be notified of the schedule for taking maternity/paternity leave no later then six weeks before the first day of leave.

  • Finally, one of the highest returning investments we know we can make as a country is in early learning. Implement Preschool for All, providing universal access to quality pre-K for low- and middle-income four-year olds.

Problem solved.


Public education funding structures are inherently unjust. Bring funding structures for every public school in the US to over-funded parity. Students thrive who attend modern facilities able to support smaller class sizes that are taught by teachers who earn as much, if not more, than engineers, doctors, lawyers - and politicians. What is more important than the future, potential and well-being of ALL of our children? NOTHING!



The President is obscene, a disgrace, and an embarrassment. (What kind of man would do this? and this? and thisand this? and thisand this? and thisand this?) He does not deserve our continued support. His staggering exhibitions of incompetence notwithstanding, if he jeopardized national security while abusing the power of his office for personal gain, he should be removed.

He appointed a joke to be Education Secretary when NOTHING is more important to this country than the future potential and well-being of ALL of America's children. He adds unsustainable debt that our children will be never be able to repay. He pollutes for profit and ruins ecosystems that will be lost to our children - forever.

Is the behavior of our President reflective of Limitless Grace, or do his statements and actions belie the influence of a Pretender, whose ways are of deceit, whose tools are turning the lie into false belief. As Christians and citizens of history's most powerful nation, our answer chooses the future.

America is an idea broad enough to welcome all ethnicities and religions, and Christianity has a deep dignity that is capable of embracing all that is America. Our Evangelical leaders on the other hand have been seduced by pride, wealth, and power, a faith lie that does not originate with Trump.

​​Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican Senator from Maine in 1950:

I believe with all my heart that we must not become a nation of mental mutes blindly following demagogues. A Republican regime that embraces a philosophy that lacks political integrity or intellectual honesty would prove disastrous to this nation. I don't want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny — Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear.