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Activating the Moderate Majority



John Szemler is a Process Improvement Consultant who implements Dynamics 365, a Microsoft Enterprise Planning and Management software product. He has a BA in Political Science from Loyola University of Chicago, and an MBA from the University of San Diego.

It's time to make room for ALL Americans who believe that prudent, coherent, and transparent government is

good governance.


Help me refine and disseminate this message. Contact my committee. Colorado's 6th district can lead the way.




  • Turn on the Defense Production Act.

  • Paid sick leave for all workers, INCLUDING those who work for companies with more than 500 employees

  • Double the time line for unemployment insurance

  • A Mnuchin secret slush fund? Are you kidding? Bad idea.

  • Focusing on the under and unemployed, announce scheduled payments based on the potential length of the crises. A paycheck, not a one time payment, is what is needed to instill calm confidence in government and the presidency.

  • Start a COVID-19 federal web site. Start with announcements and updates regarding:

    • What is being done to maintain distribution supply chains for food, medicine, and medical equipment

    • Announce what can be expected when National Guard roll outs are initiated along with Field Hospital placement and construction time lines

    • Real time testing and infection rates, with R0 (R naught) updates

    • Daily vaccine progress updates

    • Create a national COVID-19 volunteer and coordination sub-domain organized and updated by State

  • The Chinese Virus? It was ignorant, immature, and stupid - STOP!


The former Soviet Union is not and has never been our friend. That the White House chooses to ignore the destabilizing manipulations of an ex-KGB kleptocrat is incomprehensible and appalling.

And just so we're clear, ceding Syria to Putin was an inept move so staggering that it begs the question of whether or not it originated in ignorance and incompetence.


Colorado, it's time to form the 'FORT COLLINS TO COLORADO SPRINGS CLEAN ENERGY TECH CORRIDOR'. It will be the first bill I introduce in Congress. The 'Corridor' will bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Colorado, and turn the state in to a clean energy systems export power house. We make money and make it happen by leveraging our world class university system, and by taking advantage of our existing aerospace, defense, and oil and gas infrastructure expertise, making Colorado the engine that transforms America and the World.


Mitch McConnell took out a cash advance on our credit cards, gave himself a giant tax break, along with a 100% tax deduction on his private plane, and now wants us to pay off the $1,411,000,000,000 trillion dollar bill with fewer services, crumbling infrastructure, insolvent Social Security, and lost jobs.


I will solve this debt problem by immediately submitting a bill to retain all of Trump's current rates, but add 3 more brackets:

43% $1,000,001  - $5,000,000
53% $5,000,001  - $10,000,000
63% $10,000,001 or more

AND tax capital gains as ordinary income for any amount over $1,000,000. Deficit Problem Solved!

2020, District 6

District 6 has moved Democratic, is 20% Hispanic, and is now predominately anti-Trump. Jason Crow beat Mike Coffman by 12 percentage points in 2018. It's time to nominate a hard-hitting moderate who has the courage to acknowledge that climate change is real, that family separation is an inexcusable nightmare, and that the tax cut was unfair.

We elected Trump, and are allowed, even obligated, to criticize the President. The wall is antithetical to the American ideal, a stupid idea, and a waste of money. I will stop it. I am a first generation American. My Father emigrated to the United States, and was a US Army veteran who served in Europe patrolling another wall that was doomed to failure. I will honor his legacy by making sure the concerns of our hard working immigrant community are not compromised in the House.

I will work aggressively to immediately implement Federal programs for District 6 which incorporate:

  • Inclusive support structures for women - including pre-K and paid leave

  • Comprehensive and affordable Medicare alternatives - HEALTH CARE IS NOT FREE MARKET

  • Middle class tax cuts - that fix the ridiculous and unfair 2017 Mitch McConnell TCJA tax plan

  • Generous funding for public education - and increases in teacher pay (abandoning the public school system is NOT the answer)

  • The White House wants more money for nuclear bombs, we want increased funding for Denver Metroplex infrastructure and better schools. Which one would you choose?

  • Nuclear is a bridge fuel - it's not perfect, but is comparatively safer than fracking, and will be needed

  • And abundant support programs for the indigent and forgotten (which has been shown to save money and speed recovery)

GOP Strategist Dick Wadhams - “Donald Trump did what Democrats could not accomplish, which is the defeat of Mike Coffman. Coffman lost because there was such an anti-Trump sentiment running through the district that no Republican could survive it.”


Why is affordable, comprehensive quality care still an issue? It's because congress listens to healthcare lobbyists, not to you. Enough! What has been done did not work. What's being done now is not working. HEALTH CARE IS NOT FREE MARKET. I will immediately move to implement legislation enacting Medicare options that take the word 'bankruptcy' out of affording comprehensive quality care.


I will support any measure which safeguards our Police, and protects our children. Universal retro-active licensing and background checks are a virtual certainty in the near future, and will do nothing to limit or jeopardize the 2nd amendment. I do not know a single gun owner who has not already had one done. It's time to make it universal.


  • Control the entire border with a robust and fully staffed US Customs and Border Patrol

  • Permit asylum, but process requests at port of entry

  • Expand H-2A and H-2B. Process H-2A requests at the border.

  • Family separation and the Muslim ban are inexcusable and immoral nightmares. I will end them both.


Congress spends more time raising money than working for us. Their votes are purchased by lobbyists. No one listens, everyone gets lied to, nothing gets done. It has to stop!

  • Contributions need to be limited to individuals

  • Supreme Court rulings treating corporations as 'persons' in regards to political contributions must be reversed

  • Buckley v. Valeo. Money is NOT free speech

  • The Citizens United ruling has corrupted politics and America. It must be reversed.

  • All hard and soft money contributions must be publicly disclosed all the way to the root contribution, i.e. the individual

  • Public service isn't a personal enrichment program. Every elected Federal official and cabinet member must fully divest. Cash and Treasuries only. No Trusts.

  • Last but not least, incumbency has been usurped - by incumbents. It's time for an amendment imposing term limits.


End corporate farm tax shelters. Tax breaks and/or supports go only to family farms. FULLY Compensate farming for sustainable production, and retired acreage percentages. Reduce the cost, and improve the actuarial soundness of the Federal multi-peril crop insurance coverage program. Apply the system to all insured producers in a fair and consistent manner.


Abortion is a tragedy. It represents a failure of both services and support programs and underscores an absence of education regarding options and alternatives. The most effective way to reduce unwanted and terminated pregnancies is to support women, especially single Moms.


I will move to quickly implement a 4-4-4 paid leave policy where both parents have the independent and non-transferable right to receive payments during maternity/paternity leave for four months. In addition, parents are entitled to a joint right of four additional months, which can be taken by one parent or divided between them. In circumstances where a parent is either unwilling, unable, or ineligible to participate in child rearing activities, the full 12 months accrues to the primary care giver.


A joke was appointed to be Education Secretary (Grizzly Bears and cuts to subsidized lunches, really?) when NOTHING is more important to this country than the future potential and well-being of our children. Colorado parents, it's time for a change in priorities. I will work tirelessly to bring funding structures for every public school to over-funded parity. Students thrive who attend modern facilities able to support smaller class sizes that are taught by teachers who earn as much, if not more, than engineers, doctors, lawyers - and politicians. What is more important than the future, potential and well-being of ALL of our children? NOTHING!